Technology changing insurance

Who we are?

InsurTech Ireland is a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge about the ways that technology is changing insurance. We help business and technology professionals in the insurance industry to learn about new technologies and to consider how these technologies can best be utilised.

We are one of the original members of the Global InsurTech Alliance and we have associated member groups around the world.


What is Insurtech?

InsurTech is the term for technology in the insurance industry. More specifically, it refers to new and innovative insurance products and processes that are built on emerging technologies.


What we do?

We host regular events to learn about and discuss relevant tech and industry topics. Our events are designed to provide useful insights into leading-edge technologies and to help insurance business leaders understand where these technologies can create real value. We also encourage technology start-ups to consider implementation opportunities across the breadth of the insurance world.

In addition to hosting regular events to examine relevant tech and industry topics, we also provide introductions and facilitate networking to encourage real engagement between the technology and business communities in the insurance industry.